Voluntary Service Agreement Cas

Associations provide protection services to young people to protect them and support their families. ADR is an approach to resolving disputes between you and a company. This approach, where appropriate, encourages the involvement and support of the family and extended family and your community in planning and making decisions for children and adolescents. ADR focuses on bringing the right people together to develop the best plan for you. For example, if you don`t agree with the company on the type of mediation that is best for you, ADR can bring together the right people to explore options and develop a plan. Youth-centred protection service: The youth reception service may have experienced traumatic events or circumstances. CASs will actively engage youth to build on their strengths and help them make decisions that help minimize risk and promote their best interests, safety and well-being. Sometimes your child may be involved in the agreement you are meeting with CAS. This means that they must also approve CAS services and perhaps sign the agreement. Your child should have the opportunity to speak to a lawyer in the Children`s Lawyer`s Office (LCO) for independent legal advice before the contract is signed. CAS usually settles a transfer to the OCL and a lawyer is mandated.

If CAS refuses to enter a VYSA, your child can contact the OCL. Some services may be free. Others you might have to pay. Please tell CAS if you can afford to pay for certain services, as they may have a shorter waiting list. If a company finds that you need protection and that an investment abroad is being considered, the company is required to refer your name to the OCL. You have the option to consult an OCL lawyer to advise you on the options available, as well as legal representations when you enter a VYSA. No charges are charged for this service. On January 1, 2018, Ontario increased the age of coverage for all children under the age of 18. If you are 16 or 17 years old and think you need protection, a new service has been developed for you. We understand that reporting child abuse is a stressful decision that is made in a thoughtful way.

While reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect is discretionary for this age group, we strongly advise you to do so and let CAS assess the risk and make decisions about the need for a service. In this way, we can work together to ensure that those in need of child protection services benefit from it. If you have signed a volunteer contract, your child will stay with you. CAS keeps your file open and can take other steps if you don`t follow the agreement or if you have new concerns about whether you can take care of your child. In the service plan, you agree that your family will work with CAS to help you take care of your child. For example, you may agree: if you receive services from a company, you should wait for help to identify and develop relationships that you feel are important and beneficial to you and that you want to maintain throughout your life. Services are focused to help you stay in touch with your family, no matter what it means to you, your community and culture. You should have access to services and materials that respect your culture, as well as programs that will help you develop personally. Companies start their work when they receive a request or recommendation for the service.