Choose Analogous Pair Agreement Dissent

Then repair in case of pause (broken). And plaster, if wound (injured). Bird prowls the sky. And fish and fish in the water. Candle is made of tallow (frozen fat), the statue is made of bronze. The author is related to the book and the statue with the sculptor. he wrote an author`s book and built a sculptor`s statue. >किस राज्य में 205 एकड़ भूमि में रु. 162 करोड़ की लागत से भारतीय राष्ट्रीय रक्षा विश्वविद्यालय की स्थापना को केन्द्रीय कैबिनेट ने मंजूरी दी है ? Novelist creates Eplot for novels; The architect creates Eblueprint (building space design or plan) for construction. The archives keep records. Aviary is a bird`s place or a place or a cage. STICKLER and INSIST are synonymous variants, stickers is one that insists on something uncompromising.

Similarly, BRAGGART and BOAST are synonymous; A Braggart 240. MODEL: CREW a.) Convene: Committee b.) Demobilization: troops c.) Cheers: Team d.) Dismissal: model jury means “assemble” agreed means – for a meeting or activity; Assemble it. . Geology (the scientific study of the origin, history and structure of the earth) is linked to science. And the tree (a kind of tree), so it`s a tree. Paranoid (to show or show extreme and irrational anxiety or disbelief), it is therefore related to psychology (psychology). the opposite calm (calm) to excite (provoke). cool the opposite (soothing) that stimulates (provoke). Godfather (sponsor) is support (support). The consultant is a consultant. Delay (delayed) a little delay (impeded). Slowing down (slowing down) leads to maintain.) The signal is caught with Antena and the fish are caught in the net.

Silo (korngar) is the basis of corn farming (grain). Reservoir (pot) is the basis of water conservation. The variable (variable) is essential to the equation (formula); Oxygen from the water is essential for this. The opposite word of Little (light) Grand (large). And the opposite word tiny (small) huge (much). The relevant (relevant) topic is essential (important); A sensitive (understandable) subject is obvious (clear). Convene means – meeting for a meeting or activity; Assemble it.