Non Exclusive Agreement Video

Where a licence is declared “exclusive” but is limited to a particular territory or area of use, the parties should carefully consider the extent to which the licensee is entitled to pursue, defend and enforce intellectual property rights. Although the licence is declared “exclusive,” other licenses could be granted as part of equal intellectual property rights in other areas and/or areas. These other licensees may participate in the prosecution, defence and respect of intellectual property rights, as these activities may affect the value of their licence. In this sense, a limited licence for territories or territories does not mean a fully exclusive licence. Hey Dave, it depends on the situation and the people/companies you`re dealing with. As long as you are in advance, you can probably still receive exclusive offers for these songs. You should probably add a line to the contract to confirm the situation. On the other hand, a non-exclusive license gives the licensee the right to use intellectual property rights, but not exclusively. This means that the licensee can still exploit the same intellectual property rights and can allow other takers to benefit from the same intellectual property. With about 60 melodies in your catalog, you can afford to experiment with a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive offers. – Is it an employment contract or a licensing agreement, i.e.

you retain ownership of the copyright? In the event of an exclusive licensing agreement, you risk distributing your hard work to a company that will not provide you with a single investment. Do you shoot in the foot every time you sign a non-exclusive contract with a new music library? As a general rule, in the form of written consent, the third party is authorized by the copyright holder to use the video. The agreement may indicate a price for the license, limiting the use of video in the content and the duration and audience of broadcasting envisaged (national or international television, radio, web, live events, etc.). Accepting a license can be as simple as asking for a click when you sign in to an online hosting service. In other cases, explicit information about the intended use is required and monitored by the stations. In the meantime, nothing prevents you from signing songs for non-exclusive deals under a pseudonym. If the original content is used to generate revenue (for example. B via the SVOD or AVOD platforms), the rights holder and the licensee can each take a share of the transactions named in the agreement. From time to time, especially in the context of cooperation with U.S. companies, a license can be expressed as “alone and exclusive.”