System Integration Agreement Sample

Subsidies: The system integrator reserves the right to use all software, systems and other technologies, except in the e-commerce services agreement signed between the two parties. Under the System Integrator Agreement, the IT service provider is committed to installing and supplying the new IT system, which includes other software, hardware, ongoing support, integration services, maintenance services and intellectual property rights licenses. It dwells on the commitments made by both parties. Violation of an agreement depends on the terms of the agreement. If one of the parties is not in compliance with the terms of the agreement, the aggrieved party may be sued by the innocent party for breach. In such an agreement, the aspect of negotiation is very limited, given that both parties have a relationship of customers and service providers. In this type of agreement, the service company has already decided on the terms of the agreement. If the customer is satisfied with the terms and conditions, he is the only one who can benefit from his services. Order as reseller: Systems Integrator works as a non-exclusive reseller and distributor that sells access to subscribers and offers all implementation and integration services. A system integration contract is signed when a company and its customer or customer meet the terms of the purchase of a new computer system. It is a legal agreement that provides details of integration services, duration and support and maintenance services. A system integrator agreement can be considered legal proof of the terms of the services provided by the service company. It helps to make both parties understand the aspects of the agreement.

Today, it is a common form of agreement followed by most service providers around the world. Intellectual property rights: Intellectual property rights developed by the Integrator Systems provider under this agreement are the property of both parties. If System Integrator has intellectual property rights, System Integrator grants the customer a fully paid and free license. One of the main advantages is to clarify the services offered by the company to its client, so that things can be resolved by mutual agreement in the event of a dispute. You can download the Sample System Integrator Agreement The main objective and purpose of this document is to clarify the services the company offers its customer in order to avoid out-of-court disputes that might otherwise occur. Privacy: Each party recognizes that all records, data, files and other entry documents relating to the subscriber are confidential. It is explained that appropriate measures are taken to protect the confidentiality of these records, data, files and other materials.