Bank Of America Mobile Check Deposit Agreement

The following credit transactions increase your holdings used to pay for tonight`s transactions: cash deposited at an ATM or financial center and transfers to your account from another Bank of America bank account made at an ATM, financial center, online banking or through after-sales service. Please note that some of these services may not be available when certain digital devices or applications are used. For example, some features may be available online through a PC, but not through our mobile app. Information about our data protection and security practices and a link to our privacy policy for consumers in the United States is available on our website at If you try to schedule a payment, we will inform you of the earliest available delivery date. To ensure a timely payment and obtain the full benefit of the online banking guarantee described below, you must schedule payments, and your account must be in good condition and have sufficient resources available in the current account indicated to cover the payment, at least five (5) days before the payment due date, NOT the date on which late payment fees may be collected. Bill Pay payments sent by corporate check or private check with different payment names can be combined into an envelope if those payments have the same mailing address and your recipient has not registered their full/unique mailing address with the USPS, including their secondary address name, for example.B. Suite, room, floor, department, building or unit. If necessary, we will change or format your payment account number to match the account number or format required by your payee for electronic payment and eBill activation. .