Shimla Convention Is An Agreement That Sets

[24] [unreliable source?] The Survey of India published in 1937 a map showing the McMahon Line as the official border. [24] In 1938, the British published the Simla Convention in Aitchson`s contracts. [21] [25] A previously published volume was recalled from libraries and replaced by a volume containing the Simla Convention, as well as an editor`s note stating that Tibet and Britain, but not China, accepted the agreement as binding. [26] The replacement volume has an erroneous release date of 1929 [21]. Negotiations broke down when China and Tibet failed to reach an agreement on the Sino-Tibetan border. [18] Chinese plenipotentiary Ivan Chen initialled the treaty until it was validated by his government. He was then ordered by the Chinese government to reject his agreement. [10] The 3.