Unreasonable Agreement

A small business enters into a contract with a move for an office move. A contractual clause states that the moving company assumes no liability for losses resulting from the move, including losses resulting from the negligence of the moving company. In order to ensure that all suppliers comply with the requirement that no contract and/or contract contains inappropriate, unfair or unfair terms, it shall take into account, as regards the contract and/or agreement: Section 48 should take into account that all agreements and/or contracts should contain terms offering a price and conditions to the consumer; that are appropriate. Just and just. These obligations are imposed on suppliers in order to ensure that the supplier and the consumer benefit from the contract, agreement and/or transaction. Such a provision may result in a significant imbalance in the rights of the contracting parties and is probably not reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the franchisee. A franchisee enters into a five-year franchise agreement with a franchisee. The agreement contains a provision stipulating that the franchisee must comply with the conditions of the operations manual. A franchisee enters into a franchise agreement for a cupcake franchise.

The duration of the contract provides that the agreement can be terminated if the franchisee does not sell a certain minimum number of cupcakes per month. Another term of the contract provides that the franchisee may, at any time and without the agreement of the franchisee, change the minimum number of cupcakes that the franchisee must sell per month. A franchisee enters into a five-year franchise agreement with a franchisee.